Is Martial Law Possible in New York?

Martial Law in New York?

Proceeding the recent news that 2 NYPD officers were convicted of DWI’s New York residents are demanding corrective action be taken. This is not the first incident like this and the department is getting alot of pressure from the surrounding community. The topics range from Drunk Driving to Assault, and the public is not tolerating it any longer it seems.

Mayor Brian Stratton states he is looking at all options, including disbanding the police department.

“The public has had it up to here” he said in a Capital News 9 report.

The primary options being considered appear to be:

  1. Consolidate County Police Department
  2. Bring in State Police
  3. Disband Police Department

Each option requires a transitional phase and a need for a temporary policing entity until the full transition can take place. This means that without such an entity there would be no law enforcement which could have dire repercussions.

One possibility is for the Mayor to declare Martial Law and have the National Guard come in to police until the new entity can be established.

Mark Chaires the Schenectady Police Chief thinks that action seems extreme. In the interview he states when he thinks of martial law he thinks of street riots and he hasn’t seen anything to that level at this point. It may be extreme but the Mayor Stratton is not denying that martial law is a possiblity, but only as a “stop gap”. In other words the guard would come in just long enough to maintain order, to bridge the gap between the police department transition.

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