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While presented together in this article, government contracts and government claims actually represent two separate areas of the law. Of course, in some – but not all – instances government claims actually arise out of government contracts.

In any event, this informational article is presented to provide you an informational overview of government contracts and claims. With this information, you will have a primer that will be of assistance to you if you elect to do business with a governmental entity or if you have a claim arising out of some sort of interaction with an agency of the government on the local, state or national level.

Generally speaking, if a person of business desires to obtain a government contract a number of factors must be taken into consideration. Chief amongst them is the fact that a business seeking a government contract must be capable and willing to satisfy a slew of regulations that will be associated with not only a particular government contract itself but with the contracting process. On some level, an argument can be made that when it comes to government contracts form sometimes can trump substance. Of course, this is not entirely true – but you must understand the importance of adhering to the form and procedure that a particular governmental agency has established if you want to have any success at gaining a government contract.

Speaking of form and procedure, if you perceive that you have a claim against a governmental agency, form and procedure yet again plays a very significant role. This is the case no matter what type of claim you would like to make against a governmental agency. The bottom line is that if you do not follow to the letter the procedure – and use the proper forms, if indicated – associated with making a claim against a governmental agency you will find that your claim will be permanently and completely denied before you even really get started.

The bottom line is that unless you have specific experience in seeking a governmental contract with a specific agency (which you may) or unless you have specific experience making a claim with a specific governmental agency (which you likely do not) you most definitely will want to seek legal representation. The reality is that there simply is too much at risk if you do not seek and obtain appropriate legal representation in these areas.

There are attorneys in business today that practice in both the areas of government contract as well as in making claims to the government both for claims arising out of contract issues as well as claims arising out of negligence or injury or some other type of damage. You do want to make sure that you take the time to examine what your specific needs are. Then you do want to take the time to compare different attorneys that are in business today to find one that will best be able to meet your needs, goals and objectives when it comes to government contracts or claims.

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